A Coffee Kind of Day

I don’t know where you are, but it’s cold today in KY!  I’ve had to take my sweatshirt out of the closet for the first time this fall.  A light jacket wouldn’t suffice today unless you are from Alaska or Antarctica.  I am from neither, and so I went with the sweatshirt.

Campus is crawling with women in boots and men in hoodies.  The preferred pant by both genders today are jeans.  I couldn’t agree more with this cold weather fashion staple.  Many students are also running around frantically between classes clutching both their books and a cup of coffee from our campus coffee shop.

I, too, couldn’t resist.  Although today feels more like winter than fall, I decided to go with a fall-flavored latte- s’mores.  The coffee was thick and sweet and wonderful, but only tasted vaguely like a s’more.  I was a little disappointed with the lack of s’more-flavored amazingness, but I was more than happy to just have a cup of warm coffee on a day like today. 


Wherever you are, I hope it is warm.  Even if you need a cup of coffee to do it.


About lightwriter15

I am an aspiring journalist and photographer (for now!) studying in the beautiful state of Kentucky. However, PA is where I call home. God is my first love and writing, photography, food, music, and the outdoors are my passions.
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