As the Bell Tolls

Good morning, all!  The bell for nine a.m. just chimed and the morning train is speeding past downtown.  The train in a good distance from campus, so I have no idea how it manages to get so loud.

This morning is quiet and still.  Every once in a while, a student well scurry out from the fog like a shadow, then disappear into a building.  The trees are changing colors now, though it’s hard to determine color in such dense fog.  The shadows of birds quickly flick here and there across the sky, making me wonder if I actually saw them or if I imagined them.

Raindrops hang from the iron chairs and the white railings of the student center’s deck.  I lean back against the brick building and wonder, Is this what the British Isles are like, especially out on the moor?  Cool, foggy, damp, and quiet?

The sky lightens but the fog doesn’t lift.  It’s time for me to head to my next class.


About lightwriter15

I am an aspiring journalist and photographer (for now!) studying in the beautiful state of Kentucky. However, PA is where I call home. God is my first love and writing, photography, food, music, and the outdoors are my passions.
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